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About the Program

Live and teach in the Kingdom of Bhutan, a secluded and mystical country, virtually untouched by the modern world…

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Our Teachers

When I tell people where I’m going to teach they ask…where? That tells me I have chosen the right country to teach in.

Bartsham PS

It is one thing to see Bhutan in pictures or read about it; however, it is a whole other thing to experience it in person – to look like an ant against the sides of majestic mountains, to feel the vibrations of Buddhist chants run through your body, to taste the air of incense in monasteries.

Chumey MSS

Just being able to travel to a country that so few people have the opportunity to visit in their lifetime seemed like reason enough to come here. To actually be able to live and work here and be a part of such a unique culture was impossible to resist…Do it.

Jigme Sherubling HSS

…After my science period is over, they [my students] will often bombard me with question after question in an attempt to keep me in their classroom. Their questions are so amazing and they are so adorable, I will often sit with them for the whole period, laughing and doing my best to answer them.

Phobjikha LSS

I’ve come to the right place. I get to laugh, joke, play, and share with my students… I realize that it is these moments that will stand out as purely beautiful, simple, and precious… I’m so lucky to be here and get to be part of it.

Autsho MSS

One of the great privileges of working in Bhutan has been meeting so many likeminded people. They are a diverse group of individuals who share a passion for teaching and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Vicky & Ian
Rangjung HSS & LSS

To anyone feeling under-appreciated, under-used, stifled or bored, I would say to you – go somewhere that actually needs you. You will get gratitude for having chosen the noble profession of teaching, a gratitude that is thin on the ground elsewhere.

Pakshikha MSS

Where We Work

Since 2010 BCF has sent 52 teachers to 35 communities across Bhutan where they have impacted the lives of thousands of Bhutanese students.

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