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Teachers are responsible for paying for airfare, travel medical insurance, Bhutan visa(s) and work permit, and startup costs. Financial aid bursaries to help with the cost of airfare are available, please note in your application if you would like to apply for a bursary.

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Teachers may opt into the Fundraising Program in which they raise a $3,850 program fee to cover all of these costs. Alternatively, teachers may choose to cover their expenses Out-of-Pocket and arrange their own airfare (with assistance from BCF) but must purchase travel medical insurance through BCF.

The table below outlines anticipated expenditures associated with travelling to and setting up a home in Bhutan:

Type of Expense Estimated Cost Included in Program Fee
Two 1-way international airfare tickets, including Druk Air $2,500 to $3,000 Yes
Travel Medical Insurance, including emergency evacuation $700 to $1,000 Yes
Bhutan Visa and Bhutan Work Permit $70 Yes
Start-Up Costs (including but not limited to: cooking utensils, bedding, room heater, water filter etc) $500 to $1,000 No
Immunizations (optional) $100 to $1,000 No
Police Background Check $0 to $50 No


Option 1: Teacher Fundraising Program

Teachers may opt into the Teacher Fundraising Program in which they may fundraise the cost of their trip. Teachers who opt into the fundraising program must raise a $3,850 program fee, which covers round–trip airfare and comprehensive travel medical insurance (all booked and organized by BCF) and all necessary Bhutan work permits and visas. The $3,850 program fee does not include start-up costs, accommodation, living expenses, or immunizations prior to departure.Teachers who opt into the fundraising program will receive a support package and assistance from the Toronto office to aid in fundraising. Most donations made to Canadian and American BCF teachers who are participating in the fundraising program are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will be receipted by the Foundation – some exceptions apply.

Option 2: Self Funding

Teachers may choose to cover expenses Out-of-Pocket. Teachers who choose to self-fund will arrange their own airfare (with assistance from BCF) and must purchase travel medical insurance through BCF’s group insurance provider. Teachers who arrange their own travel to Bhutan must plan to arrive Financials Photo 2prior to orientation on the date set by the Foundation.


As employees of the Royal Government of Bhutan BCF teachers will be paid a local Bhutanese salary of 25,000 Nu at the end of each month. The salary is more than enough to cover the cost of living in Bhutan. Cost of living expenses will include paying for accommodation (approximately 4,000 Nu in urban areas and less in rural areas), food, and some travel. The salary is equivalent to approximately CDN $450.

Below is a list of anticipated monthly expenses while in the field. Please note, these costs vary widely depending on the community in which teachers are based and personal preferences and consumption habits.

Type of Expense Estimated Cost
Accommodation Nu 2,000 – 5,000
Food Nu 2,000 – 4,000
Utilities Up to Nu 500
Internet & Mobile Phone Nu 1,500


Teachers with outstanding student loans may qualify to have their loans deferred while working as a teacher in Bhutan. However, this is something that must be researched on an individual basis as each lender’s policies are different. BCF will happily provide proof of employment as a teacher in Bhutan to assist with this matter.